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Nebraska Turkey Tour 2013 from Jordan Budd on Vimeo.

Follow along with Kyle as he pursues the Hybrid and Merriam turkeys in central and north west Nebraska. Spring 2013.

Music Credits:
Kevin MacLeod

Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED - Trailer from Branlin Shockey on Vimeo.

Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED


New Series, Coming to Outdoor Channel July 2014.

Kathmandu Cremation Grounds from Branlin Shockey on Vimeo.

Cremation ceremony straight from The Professionals TV show Season 3!

13 Days - Steven Drake’s 2011 Spring Bear Hunt from Sitka Films on Vimeo.

Spot and Stalk spring black bear hunting - A seemingly unattainable feat. Add record setting winter and spring precipitation and the challenge becomes even greater.

Rain and snow levels for the state of Montana are 170 percent above average. Heavy spring rain and snow, on top of an already deep snowpack has made for major flooding across all of Montana. Black bears emerged from their dens nearly four weeks later than normal in lieu of the stormy weather. Needless to say, the bear season was slow to start.

On my thirteenth day out, after previously not spotting a single bear, I spotted a younger boar and was able to make a solid play on him that resulted in my first archery killed Montana black bear.

Song by Pretty Lights: “Finally Moving James Brown Remix”

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Una introducción sobre el Libro de Récords del Safari Club Internacional from Rick Kennerknecht on Vimeo.

Alberto Valdes dá una introducción sobre el Libro de Récords del Safari Club Internacional en el Club Cazadores Monterrey - en conjunto con el Capítulo Monterrey del Safari Club Internacional y el Safari Club Internacional.

Alberto Valdez Fisher gives an introduction to the SCI Record Book at Monterrey Hunting Club in Monterrey, Mexico in conjunction with the Monterrey Chapter of SCI and Safari Club International. sci-mty.com/